Dance for Someone at the 10th Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival

This is one of the videos recorded at Canal City in Fukuoka at the 10th Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival, 11th February 2017, and we will be posting more later.

This is to tease you and invite you to experience Dance for Someone (and maybe get Ryuzo and Radislav dance for you) yourself on Sunday 12th Feb. We will start at Suzaki Park around 11.00am and move towards Tenjin Bus Terminal.

Dance for Someone on tour in Japan between 9th and 28th February 2017

Dance for someone is on Japan Tour together with another performance Friction and Fraternity by Ryuzo Fukuhara and Samo Potokar.

On the tour in Japan, Marko Gutić Mižimakov will join the forces by making video, which leaves Ryuzo and Radislav to dance not only solos but duets for passers-by.

The dates of Dance for Someone in Japan are

11th Feb 2017
Dance for Someone, street dance performance at Fringe Dance Festival of Fukuoka

12th Feb 2017
Dance for Someone, street dance performance at Fringe Dance Festival of Fukuoka

16th Feb 2017
Dance for Someone, street dance performance in Miyakonojo city, Miyazaki prefecture

18th Feb 2017
Dance for Someone, street dance performance around Tashibu, Bungo Takada city, Oita pref.

25th Feb 2017
Dance for Someone, street dance performance at Tenri Festival in Tenri city.
At the Tenri Festival we will give two workshops for children and teenagers working with movement and camera.

Dance for Someone (Ples zate) at Rdeči revirji Festival in Hrastnik

Ryuzo and Radislav will dance for someone the whole day in Hrastnik, Friday 27th May, at Rdeči revirji Festival and project the recorded videos at night the same day. See details here.


This will reactivate the project in which you can also participate in two ways: you can either invite us to dance for someone (maybe that is you :-) at your events/festival/circumstance, or you can dance for someone, record it and send us the video to publish on our website.

Either way the contact is radislav.elpsovic{at}

You can dance for someone!

You can “Dance for Someone”!
If you danced for someone, please take a video, send it me.

I will upload on this website:

If there is some conversation in it, please write them down (if necessary, translate into English)and send them to me. I will put on the footage as subtitle.

We are looking forward to sharing the experience to dance for someone!

Dance for Someone vol.4

As I finished dancing for dad with his child (and actually for his wife as well), I noticed three girls were watching me (and of course recording me with their cellulars). Since they looked interested in what is happening I decided to check with them if I they are ok with me dancing for them. Obviously they said yes :-)

Peculiar thing happened.

First, all three were giggling and laughing at my dance. I told them (this is not clear in video) that it is rare that someone laughs at my dance. Later I checked with them is it really so funny my dance that they laugh, or they are also laughing out of embarrasment? They confirmed both, laughing because it is funny and they feel embarrassed.

Second, one girl found it particularly moving, upseting. She laughed so hard, she felt like going away and she did, waiting for two friends that remained to watch, to come with her. She was still laughing even when being on the edge of happening.

I did not check with the girl, but it seemed that my presence, presentation and dance moved someting in her, touched her and this contact took her by surprise. I don’t believe she was just laughing out of embarrasment and entertainment, but there was also a human contact established between us that maybe she is not used to or she just started to come in contact with.

Anyway it was joy dancing for them. And it is surprisingly joyful to watch myself dancing for them. Usually I would have difficulty to watch myself on video. Maybe dancing for somebody releases me from unnecessary tension towards me watching me on video dancing.

Dance for Someone vol.3

July 2, 2013

Radislav I. Elpsovič offered a dance for a guy with a child. He told Radislav that he was waiting for his wife back. During the performance, a woman appeared from Nama, a shopping center, in fact she was the wife. But she did not come to them, and we noticed that fact when Radislav finished his dance.

Dance for Someone vol.2

July 2, 2013

It is the same park where I performed the first “Dance for Someone”.

My wife and her friend Petra, and four children with her were watching my first dance. After that, I offered my dance for them. The children were enjoying so much, talking and laughing during my dance. Finally Petra showed her “Stork dance”. We all dance around this small park together!

Dance for Someone vol.1

July 2, 2013

This is the first performance of our dance project “Dance for Someone”.

I performed for 3 guys who are drinking in that park every evening. When I walk with Shiba(dog), We are waving each other every day. It was the first time that I introduced myself to them, then asked to dance for them. Beside us, my wife and her friend, 4 children were watching my performance too.