You can dance for someone!

You can “Dance for Someone”! If you danced for someone, please take a video, send it me. I will upload on this website: If there is some conversation in it, please write them down (if necessary, translate into English)and send them to me. I will put on the footage as subtitle. We are looking forward to […]

Dance for Someone vol.4

As I finished dancing for dad with his child (and actually for his wife as well), I noticed three girls were watching me (and of course recording me with their cellulars). Since they looked interested in what is happening I decided to check with them if I they are ok with me dancing for them. […]

Dance for Someone vol.3

July 2, 2013 Radislav I. Elpsovič offered a dance for a guy with a child. He told Radislav that he was waiting for his wife back. During the performance, a woman appeared from Nama, a shopping center, in fact she was the wife. But she did not come to them, and we noticed that fact […]

Dance for Someone vol.2

July 2, 2013 It is the same park where I performed the first “Dance for Someone”. My wife and her friend Petra, and four children with her were watching my first dance. After that, I offered my dance for them. The children were enjoying so much, talking and laughing during my dance. Finally Petra showed […]

Dance for Someone vol.1

July 2, 2013 This is the first performance of our dance project “Dance for Someone”. I performed for 3 guys who are drinking in that park every evening. When I walk with Shiba(dog), We are waving each other every day. It was the first time that I introduced myself to them, then asked to dance […]